SquaredMK is a Luxury Design Consultancy specialized in bespoke services and custom designs established in London in 2015.
Our team is constantly researching and creating innovative solutions for the luxury market with careful attention towards our clients.
With more than ten years of combined experience in design and construction we provide solutions for product development and management, from conceptual stage to production.
Since 2015 we have worked on several projects focused on interior and exterior design as well as luxury product design.

Currently we are working with a number of Yacht manufacturers in the U.K. and Europe to develop unique design projects.
The SquaredMK design philosophy is deeply influenced by the meaning of the design and extensive luxury understanding.

Our mission is to transform the customer dreams into Art.

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W  H  Y    S  Q  U  A  R  E  D  M  K
SquaredMK approaches every single project in a bespoke way and always aims to create a vision of design that respects different requirements and foundations.
Our goal is to make stand out designs that are highly recognisable therefore more valuable.
H  O  W      W  E      M  A  K  E      T  H  E      D  I  F  F  E  R  E  N  C  E
We understand that design and project development represent a great challenge especially when time is money.
Our project management and coordination experience enables us to work towards our client's requirements in order to make sure deliverables and budget are respected. Our clients are part of an agile design process, which we provide through a high performance service.
O  U  R    A  P  P  R  O  A  C  H
We focus on the Luxury market because high standards and perfectionism are attributes we believe in and put into practice every day.
To create unique solutions and designs, expertise and researching is required before starting any project.
Our philosophy drives us to consider every single aspect of each project we work on, from the cost and the construction boundaries, to the deeper meaning of the needs that generate new ideas.